It Even Happened To Me

Have you ever broken down? It is one of the most sinking feelings you can have. You have to arrange to be picked up, arrange a tow, live without your car for who knows how long, and then the cost—ugh!!

I maintain my own vehicles, making sure services are performed on a timely basis, trying to keep my older vehicles running as long and as efficiently as possible, and trying to prevent breakdowns while being financially responsible, just as I recommend to all of my customers.

Well, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way……

Last November my 2002 Yukon would not start in my driveway, no gas to the engine. I hit the gas tank with a rubber mallet and it started, so we drove it. I knew full well that a new fuel pump was somewhere in our future, but for then it was running.

Let’s fast forward to September 2012. I had a truck towed into the shop just like mine, with similar mileage, not starting, no gas to the engine. The rubber mallet trick did not work. It had a bad fuel pump. Immediately I thought of my own truck and the fact that I should stop playing with fate and just replace that pump.

A few days later I was driving with my son on the way to football practice and my truck died—about a mile from home. I knew immediately it was the fuel pump. I had that sinking feeling.

I had to arrange a ride for my son, call for a tow and wait there, order a fuel pump, and figure out how to juggle transportation for my family since I was down to one vehicle for at least a day or two.

My point is that it can even happen to me. I understand how you feel when you and your family are without your car for even a short period of time.

That’s why we are diligent in diagnosing and repairing your vehicle, and make every attempt to get your car back to you when promised.

Also, that’s why we continue to recommend routine preventive maintenance for your car, including getting it on the lift three times each year for a thorough inspection.

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