Spring is in the Air Conditioning

Spring is a great time of year; new flowers start to bloom, fruit trees blossom, and, yes, it’s time to think about your car’s air conditioning system (at least I do!).

The air conditioning system in your car contains R134A refrigerant which, over time, escapes through the air conditioning hoses. Once a year you need to top off that system, disinfect, and inspect the overall condition.

Have you noticed a musty smell after turning-on your air conditioning for the first time of the season? Here’s how to prevent this and guarantee your car’s air conditioning system works as intended.

Let me perform a BG Minor Air Conditioning Service before summer arrives. This will ensure you will have the temperature you want when you want it instead of a blast of warm air when the mercury starts climbing.

We’ll top-off the a/c system with BG’S Frigi Charge which consists of 4 ounces of R134A refrigerant and 1 ounce of BG Frigi Quiet. This will lubricate the a/c compressor and clean the condenser of any debris, leaves, etc. Then, we’ll check the air conditioning belt and disinfect the vents with BG Frigi Fresh.

Pre-season service for your car’s air conditioning unit is essential if you want to beat the heat when you drive. This is just another way to keep your car operating at its best!

Call me to schedule an appointment or stop-in the next time you fill-up.

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