Soggy Situations

Spring brings warmer weather, longer days, blooming flowers and rain.

Windshield wipers optimize your visibility during those rainy days and especially rainy nights.

Wipers kept in good condition not only allow you to see better, but also protect your windshield from permanent scratches.

Wipers should be cleaned monthly with alcohol and a lint free cloth and inspected for wear.

It is also recommended by the manufacturer they be replaced every 6 months.

Don’t forget the rear wiper if you have one, it needs care as well.

Your tires also are a factor in wet weather. The road tends to be more slippery right after the rain begins.

The tread gaps allow water to channel away so the tread stays in contact with the road, enabling your car to go and stop without slipping.

Do you notice your car handling differently in the rain? If so, it may be time for new ones.

Stop in on a nice day and let us evaluate your wipers and tires –before those rainy spring days are upon us – we’re here to help!

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