Is a Free Car Wash Good for Your Budget?

You have your oil changed at a quick lube and receive a free car wash. You leave feeling you received good value for your money, especially in these tough economic times, but did you?

When I bring your car in for an oil change I also inspect the belts, hoses, and air filter, and make sure there are no top-of-the-engine fluid leaks.

I then put your car in the air, visually inspect the underside of your car or truck for fluid leaks, and inspect tire tread depth and condition, checking for dry rot and wear pattern. Then, I visually inspect the brakes.

After rating your overall condition, I look up the manufacturer’s time and mileage maintenance schedule for your particular make and model.

Finally, I prioritize my findings and make service recommendations.

We budget for everything from food to vacation, but not for car maintenance and repair. How do we get to the grocery store or to our vacation destination … our car!

We offer you a plan that allows you to budget and save for the maintenance your car needs. This in turn helps ensure your car’s safety and efficiency for all of your driving.

This is why your car needs a Mulligan Car Care Center oil change and not a free car wash!

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