Leap Day Traditions

Leap Day has many traditions and superstitions. An Irish legend holds that St. Bridget
struck a deal with St. Patrick to allow women to propose marriage to men on that day
only. Some cultures called this ‘Bachelor’s Day” and insisted that any man refusing a
woman’s proposal had to pay her money or something of value.

Leap Day birthdays can be celebrated on March 1 since it follows the last day of
February in non-Leap years or February 28 if there’s a desire to keep the celebration in
the birth month. Those born on Leap Day are called Leaplings.

Did you know that February 30 was a real date in 1712 after the Swedes mistakenly
added Leap Days to their calendar in 1704, 1708, and 1712? They converted to the
Gregorian calendar in 1753 to fix the mistake.

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